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Welcome to Onsite Personal Defense, LLC. As we progress with our internet presence, we invite your comments on both our site and direction. In the near future we will be adjusting our primary website allowing us the ability to list the services of other certified firearms instructors and security professionals.

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Founder and Lead Instructor

James A Robinson

Founder, Instructor, U.S.M.C. Veteran / NRA and personalized training / Atlanta, GA

My sessions focus on rapid deployment of self-defense with a firearm..no bells..no whistles..no smoke and mirrors..safety and survival.... Learn more


Onsite Personal Defense Training Course

Home Firearm Safety

The course goal is to teach the basic knowledge, skills, and attitude for safe handling of firearms in the home to include firearm maintenance.

Onsite Personal Defense Training Course

Personal Protection in the Home

Course content covers Safety, Mental Preparation, Defensive Shooting Skills, Strategies for Home and Personal Safety, Legal aspects of self-defense, and the selection of firearms, ammunition, and accessories.

Onsite Personal Defense Training Course

Basics of Pistol Shooting

Course content covers Safety, Pistol Mechanisms and Operation, Shooting Skills, and Maintenance/ Selection/ Use. This session is normally combined with subsequent live-fire range time.

Onsite Personal Defense Training Course

Custom Sessions

Onsite understands that there are times when structured curriculum may not meet the need of the student. As the need arises, Onsite can tailor training sessions to meet the need of the shooter.